First Visit


Before you come

We will write informing you of the time we expect you to arrive. You will also receive a Centre leaflet, would you please see that you read this carefully as it contains important information. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or cannot keep the arrangements and/or if there are special needs.
Both parents need to give encouragement and support to the child/ren. Please remember that it is quite an event for a child, coming into a new situation and also meeting a parent they may not have seen for quite some time. With young children, agree beforehand who is going to bring nappies, drink etc.
You will be asked to attend the Centre prior to the contact session to discuss the arrangements. The person bringing the child will be asked to come early on the first contact day, so that the child can settle into the Centre before the contact begins.

When you arrive

On arrival, you will need to report to reception to introduce yourself to the Centre staff who will be waiting to welcome you. You will be required to sign in and provide us with the signed copy of the Code of Conduct given to you by your Referrer. 
The staff will want to check whether you and your ex-partner are willing to meet and if there are any special arrangements and to confirm whether we have a contact number for you (which will be kept in a strictly confidential file).
We will then show you around and if necessary you will be told where you can wait until the contact begins. The resident parent can leave and return to collect the child/ren at the end of the session, once the contact session has begun. If you are the resident parent, make sure that we have a means of contacting you before you leave.
As resident parents are not permitted to remain in the Centre whilst contact is taking place, they can choose to go home or take advantage of Ilford or Romford’s Shopping Centres which are just minutes away by car or train. Alternatively, they can stay locally and take advantage of the nearby supermarkets, shops, cafés, parks and then return to collect their child/ren at the end of the contact session.

The contact session

Unless specific arrangements have been agreed, you will not be allowed to take the child/ren out of the Centre. Also, without prior agreement you will not be able to bring anyone else along to the contact session. 
Our contact suites are furnished to a high standard with child/ren friendly fixtures and fittings. They are bright, comfortable and have a wide range of age appropriate toys that are educational. Weather permitting; there is also a large garden which provides a shared play area for all Centre Users.
There is plenty in the Centre for the children to do and most children thoroughly enjoy their time with us.

After the contact

If the parents don’t want to meet, we will transfer the child/ren back to the resident parent (once they have returned) and ask the contact parent to wait a few minutes to allow the resident parent to leave the Centre. At the end of each contact session you will need to sign out with the staff at reception.