Local Amenities


Westwood Park
Has an entrance just 70m away from Westwood House. The park has a stream running through it which is home to ducks and can be safely watched and fed from behind fencing.
The park has a designated playground area for younger children, there are swings, climbing frames and a rope-bridge over the stream.
Seven Kings Park
Is just an 8-10 minutes walk from Westwood House. It has a skateboard park area, basketball courts, tennis courts and a designated playground area for younger children.


Seven Kings Library
Is just a 5 minute walk from Westwood House.


There is a Harvester within 4 minutes drive of the Centre.
McDonalds, KFC, Delight’s Ice Cream & Shakes Parlour and The Grill Original Kebabish are within a 5 minutes walk from Westwood House.
There are a variety of other sit down and take away cuisines available in a matter of minutes from Westwood House.

Shops & Supermarkets

There are a variety of convenience stores and an Aldi Supermarket which is visible from Westwood House and is only 70 metres walk away. There is also a 24 hour Tesco 7/8 minutes walk away.