Frequently Asked Questions


Who runs the Centre?

The Centre is staffed by a Centre Co-ordinator, staff and volunteers. The Co-ordinator deals with referrals and place allocation. The Managing Director has overall responsibility for the Centre.

What is there to do?

There is a wide range of activities  
There are plenty of toys, games and books for all ages.
There is a secure garden play area with play equipment and tricycles etc.

What happens when I arrive?

On arrival, you will need to report to reception to introduce yourself to the Centre staff that will be waiting to welcome you.  The staff will want to confirm the details of your contact referral and if there are any special arrangements. And also, confirm whether we have a contact number for you (which will be kept in a strictly confidential file).
We will then show you around and if necessary you will be told where you can wait until the contact begins. The resident parent can leave once the contact session has begun and return to collect the child/ren at the end of the session. All parents must make sure that we have a means of contacting them before they leave the Centre


Do I have to wait in the Centre while my child/ren has contact with my former partner?

Resident parents are not permitted to remain in the Centre whilst contact is taking place. They can choose to go home or take advantage of Ilford or Romford’s Shopping Centres which are just minutes away by car or train. Alternatively, they can stay locally and take advantage of the nearby supermarkets, shops, cafés, parks and then return to collect their children at the end of the contact session.
Please make sure that we have a telephone number, so that we can contact you if necessary.

Would I have to meet my former partner?

If you do not wish to meet, let us know and we will arrange for you to stay in a different room.

Can I take my child/ren out of the Contact Centre?

You will not be allowed to take the child/ren out of the Centre, unless it is stated on the referral form or with the written consent of both parents or there is a court order in place. If this has been agreed, please make sure we have a mobile number and let us know where you are going.

Can I bring another relative, friend or my new partner?

Do not bring family or friends who are not stated on the referral form, as they will not be allowed in the Centre, or be able to see the child/ren and you could lose your contact.

Will I be allowed to bring pets?

You will not be allowed to bring pets into the Centre or leave them outside during contact.

Do you report what happens in the Centre?

Where the contact is supervised the commissioning authority will receive full written reports as solicitors and/or the courts may request reports at any point in time.
Where the contact is unsupervised; information is kept confidential; we only release attendance records. We don't give reports to solicitors, courts or other parties, unless we have concerns about health, safety or welfare of the child/ren.

Do I always get my full contact time?

As the welfare of the child/ren is paramount, we reserve the right to reduce or terminate contact if it is considered to be in the best interest of the child/ren. If the child/ren is too upset, then there may be times when contact cannot take place, even if there is a contact order.

If I cannot attend, what should I do?

Call and inform the Centre co-ordinator. You can contact the Centre at any time; if our offices are closed you can leave a message on out voicemail system. Should it be necessary, we will call you back.
Let your ex-partner know if you can and/or inform your referrer in good time, so they can pass the information to them. The reasons for your non-attendance will be part of the attendance record.

If I want to end my contact sessions, what should I do?

In order that we may give your place to somebody else on the waiting list, please inform us as soon as possible.