Contact Suites

Westwood House Child Contact Centre has four contact suites (rooms), available seven days a week to suit contact needs. We offer an out of hours’ service for evenings and weekends. 
The Centre is a newly refurbished residential property, which therefore replicates a true home setting and enables us to provide the best facilities and environment for our range of services. 
It is a child-focussed environment which enables and stimulates children and their parents to play, bond and enjoy their time together. Our homely environment aims to simulate the usual behaviour between everyone attending contact.
Our four contact suites (rooms) are furnished to a high standard, with child-friendly fixtures and fittings suitable for all ages, including babies. They are bright and welcoming, comfortable and have a wide range of age appropriate toys, games and activities that are educational and promotes’ interaction between parents and their children. 
A fully equipped kitchen is available for assessments; parents are also encouraged to prepare snacks and light refreshments for their children and themselves. There is a large garden which provides a shared play area for all Centre Users. There is a fully functional bathroom which provides baby bathing and changing facilities.


Please note that our suites are subject to availability.