Things to Remember


Things to remember

  • Please keep to the agreed times.
  • Please ensure you sign in on arrival and sign out when you leave the Centre.
  • You must leave a contact telephone number with the Centre Co-ordinator.
  • Please bring any new paperwork with you if the court order or agreed arrangements have changed.
  • Whilst in the Centre, parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their child/ren at all times. You must not leave your child/ren unattended.
  • Agree beforehand who is going to bring nappies, drinks etc. if you have young children.
  • Unless there is a window in the door, for everyone’s protection, please leave doors open.
  • Please ensure that you tidy the contact suite(and/or garden) before the end of the contact session so that the next family can immediately use the room.

And a few simple rules

  • Please ensure that your mobile phone is turned off during contact sessions.
  • Do not bring family or friends who are not stated on the referral form, as they will not be allowed in the Centre, or be able to see the child/ren and you could lose your contact.
  • You will not be allowed to take the child/ren out of the Centre, unless it is stated on the referral form or with the written consent of both parents or there is a court order in place. If this has been agreed, please make sure we have a mobile number and let us know where you are going.
  • Do not argue in front of the child/ren.
It is not fair on your child/ren or other families using the Centre.
  • Under no circumstances will aggressive or abusive behaviour, racist and/or other offensive remarks be tolerated or accepted.
You will be asked to leave the Centre if you do not comply.
  • If you have been drinking or are under the influence of drugs, you will under no circumstances be allowed to have contact and you could lose your contact altogether.
  • Under no circumstances is alcohol allowed in the Centre.
  • You are only allowed to take photographs, video filming, recordings or use portable computers if there is an agreement in place permitting this.
  • Under no circumstances is smoking allowed on the premises.
  • You will not be allowed to bring pets into the Centre or leave them outside during contact.